CPT/GFI Certification funded by AFC!

Today is a great day!

AFC will now fund a CPT/GFI certification for all Trainers employed by AFC for 6 months who maintain a 10-client base per month. Check out this page: http://americanfitcorps.com/trainer-requirements/

So, become a trainer with AFC, build your client base up to 10, maintain that for 6 months, and AFC will pay for a CPT/GFI certification of your choosing. No strings attached.

When you run your own class or group at a time/place of your choosing, this is Trainer freedom allowing Trainers to focus on their clients and not worry about the business side of things (advertising, marketing, etc…).

Become a Trainer today and AFC will not only help you build your client base, but also build your Trainer skills.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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