Why AFC?

Why is AFC a good fit for me?

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AFC aims to fix this through ACCESS and PROGRESSION!

Access – We bring the workout to you!  Group fitness sessions are held near homes and communities of members and trainers.  This means members can walk to their sessions.  Trainers can also walk and design a unique fitness session for their clients/members.

Progression – Identifying progression within each client is crucial.  Without identifying progression, clients/members feel disconnected from their trainer and routine, which stagnates progression. We call this Follow-thru (FT).  FT lets the member know the trainer is invested in you.  Each trainer will FT with stats from the day’s session and provide advice on stretching, recovery, and the next step.  If a member feels like the workout could be better, the trainer adjusts their workout to the client’s wishes, which assists in continued member improvement and success!

Exercise is crucial at every age.  From old to young, our bodies are not designed for a sedentary lifestyle.  When we exercise, we induce muscular contraction and extension.  This action makes the muscle ‘breathe’; used nutrients are removed and fresh nutrients are introduced to the exercising muscle causing change, growth, and adding energy.  These added nutrients then allow more contractions.  Without getting too deep into the science of energy production and consumption, the muscle can also use fat for energy thus reducing the amount of overall fat percentage left within the body.

Emergency Fitness

Emergency fitness involves our ability to rescue ourselves from an emergency situation.

Our capacity to save ourselves in an emergency situation is drastically reduced without persistent habits of active overall fitness.  Currently, I travel a lot.  Flying from airport to airport each month.  While sitting in an airplane seat for hours, I’m able to observe those around me.  Many people can barely raise themselves from their airplane seat and resort to grabbing the seat in front of them for support.  This observation is that same no matter the airline or airport.  Our ability to move our body around this world is a good estimation of one’s fitness level.  When emergencies strike it’s our responsibility to rescue ourselves and save others around us. With low fitness levels, a person cannot rescue themselves from an emergency situation and must rely on others for rescuing.  They also cannot provide rescue to those around them. This is unacceptable and curable through AFC’s programs.

AFC provides constant tracking of fitness levels and motivation to stay the course through our expert trainers.

Are you a Veteran or Military Spouse?

AFC aims to offer veterans and their spouses employment whether in the service or out. Veterans have experienced and understand the importance of physical fitness. This makes it easy for a veteran to become an AFC Trainer. AFC is also ideal for veteran spouses. AFC employs spouses around the world to train within their own communities, their own hours, with their own clientele. AFC works closely with military community services to advertise employment opportunities with AFC. If you are a military spouse looking for employment, check out AFC; location does not matter!

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