Q1: Your pricing and wages are very vague, how much will I make as a trainer?

A1: Payments differ for Trainers, CPTs, and Regional Managers.  Quantity of members and sites will also vary wages.  The more members and sites a trainer has, the more the trainer will make per month.  Certifications also matter.  If you are certified by an accredited personal training organization (ISSA, NASM, ACE) you are classified as a CPT and will make more per member and per session.  Most trainers can make more than $40 per hour, which far surpasses most hourly wages at fitness franchises.  Please email Zach@americanfitcorps.com to receive more specific wages details.

Q2: I’m a CPT and want to work at a facility in a full-time job.  Do you have any facilities or full-time positions?

A2: Great!  We are glad to see you have the requisite knowledge to further your clientele’s fitness goals.  The whole AFC idea is designed around a no-facility and flexible hours and locations construct.  We at AFC, believe fitness does not require facilities or difficult membership and location restrictions.  The most difficult part about fitness should be lacing up your shoes.  We are truly dedicated to providing group fitness sessions anytime, any place, and anywhere.  Full-time or part-time job status is up to how much the trainer is willing to work.

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